Projects to date


Examples of consulting assignments that euroLAN has undertaken include:

Competitive Vendor Analysis

Studies into the threats and opportunities represented by the business practices of the major competitors in Europe consisting of:

  • Reviewing of key competitors in Europe
  • Analysing organisational structures, including staffing at a country level
  • Profiling distribution strategies and identifying main channel partners
  • Analysing business practices, channel policies and discount strategies
  • Identifying the services offered to channel partners
  • Analysing pricing levels and policies for key product areas
  • Regular competitive moves analysis and on-going ad-hoc enquiry services
  • Evaluations of acquisition targets and market opportunities
  • Studies of competitors’ European technical support structures

Vendor Channel Issues

Studies for leading computer systems and networking vendors focusing on:

  • Reviewing the client’s current channel map
  • Analysing areas where coverage may be lacking or opportunities under-exploited
  • Identifying potential partners suitable for augmenting current channel
  • Identifying and recommending “best of breed” resellers and systems integrators
  • Establishing the key requirements of channel partners to win their business
  • Pricing and discount strategy relating to the networking and computer systems market

Channel partner surveys for leading network vendors gathering frank and authentic feedback from the channel partners:

  • Identifying channels for converged solutions
  • Channel analysis of Eastern Europe
  • Interviewing Web Integrators to identify potential as a channel

Distributor Channel Issues

  • Study and presentation of the value added functions of networking distributors in the UK and research into the requirements of networking VARs, Systems Integrators and two-tier resellers in purchasing from distribution
  • Evaluation of acquisition targets for channel firms
  • Bench marking distribution practices

Product Areas

  • Print server competitive analysis in Europe
  • Study of European Ethernet adapter market

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